DKPM Investments Corp Careers

Welcome to DKPM Investments Corp! DKPM provides exclusive accounting, human resource, and administrative services, including but not limited to onboarding services, payroll services, general ledger maintenance, third party integrations, financial statement preparation, and corporate governance. Examples of concepts that we support are Jimmy John's, Williamsburg Pizza, Hawaiian Bros Island Grill, and Stories Coffee Company.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!  Whether you are planning a temporary stop with us or making a career of it, we hope you enjoy the atmosphere and culture that we have created for our employees and customers.  


It is our intent that you have fun while learning great customer service. We believe that what you learn from us will serve you well in your life's journey. We are all about process and procedures that will set you up for success.  Helping you to succeed will lead to success for you, our customers and then for us as a company.  


Having exceptional people like yourself is critical to the success of our process, but results in a win/win proposition for everyone involved.  Make your work count for something and then you will matter in life!  Help us both to succeed.  Best of luck on this part of your journey.  Smile and serve.


Dean Hodges

Managing Member  DKPM/ Hodges Enterprises

Our Brands

Jimmy John's

Williamsburg Pizza

Hawaiian Bros

Stories Coffee Company